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“Bruno” is a retro-futuristic tribute to the famous Italian architect, car-racer, engineer, inventor, photographer and designer Carlo Mollino. His protagonist, Bruno, is a classic hero of his time — a stylish and successful man living in a world full of technological and aesthetic dreams that prevailed in the 1950s in the Western society. The film examines a popular idea of that era that technology should be the ultimate service provider to humanity.

This idea is becoming very relevant again in our time with the accelerated development of a more and more powerful AI. Will there be a need in humanity when man would have no more daily worries?

Bruno lives on a small island in a private residence — his house is set in a rock. A single spiral road leads there. Bruno’s house is a techno–museum — a childhood dream come true. His schedule is tight and he always sticks to it. Bruno doesn't like pets, he's indifferent to sex, he's not interested in women. He owns a large fashionable furniture company. Cutting edge technology of his time are his best friends. After a trivial event Bruno purchases a robot housekeeper and unexpectedly Bruno's life starts changing. 

The psychological aspect of the film has no time limits — we all have a story - parents, childhood memories, traumas and joys. Our hero is no exception — living in the world of his dreams he seems to have no sentiments, but suddenly a robot — a tech savvy and a great made — evokes the long-forgotten image of childhood and his long lost mother. She harmoniously blends into the home environment, finds contact with other artificial residents of the house and gradually wraps Bruno with endless care. Over time, Bruno loses his independence and self-confidence, and their roles begin to swap places.


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